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Mazara del Vallo

Also called the City of 100 churches, it is home to one of the oldest Diocese of Sicily. Proof of this is the Cathedral which is located in the heart of the city center, where once stood the ancient Norman castle, of which today are visible only the remains of the Arch. During a walk is a must for Mazara the Dancing Satyr, a bronze statue brought to light from the sea, dating from the fourth century BC and it attributed to Praxiteles, portraying a male character moving in a whirling dance. In Mazara there are the beaches that meet all tourists, there are in fact mainly rocky stretches as Bocca Arena and Torretta Granitola, others are characterized by fine sand as the beach of Tonnarella. Another very nice beach, although small, is to Fetus Cape. You will enjoy beautiful beaches, clear water and breathtaking scenery, and you can spend days of relaxation and fun.


A few kilometers away from Mazara del Vallo you can discover the city of Marsala with its important historical center, enclosed within the perimeter of the medieval city, where are located most of the monuments and cultural facilities. Around a center, small but full of art and history, it opens a vast territory that includes an infinity of fractions, the so-called “districts” where the famous wine is produced from a unique taste and fragrance: the Marsala. The promenade, very beautiful for so many palms that are followed on the one hand and on the other, will take you directly to the beach area where alternate free beaches and bathing establishments. What’s Near Marsala you can visit the Laguna Stagnone with Mothia and the other small islands that are part of the nature reserve and a little further on, the Salinas with the tanks for salt picking and the windmills. Marsala is an ideal starting point for the beautiful Egadi, with daily ferries to Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo.


Founded by the Greeks in the seventh century B.C., it is now the largest archaeological park in Europe, made up of the Acropolis, the Eastern Hill, from the plateau of Contrada Manuzza, the Sanctuary of Malophoros and two Necropolis (Manicalunga and Galera Bagliazzo).


An unmissable stop for those visiting the western Sicily, in a privileged location between two natural reserves: The Zingaro and Monte Cofano. San Vito Lo Capo is characterized by a beautiful white sand beach is considered among the finest in the world and walking through the streets of downtown you can to capture the architecture characterized by low white houses, fragrant jasmine fill the air, while in older buildings open large colorful gates that once served to let pass carts.
From San Vito Lo Capo, in 15 minutes you reach the Zingaro Nature Reserve, one of the few stretches of coast of Sicily is not contaminated by the presence of a coastal road. Of great natural importance, the coast is formed by limestone hills and cliffs that plunge into the sea interspersed with numerous coves. It ‘a unique place to enjoy nature and enjoy the pristine sea.


The city of Agrigento boasts numerous artistic works including churches, religious buildings and museums. It ‘also the birthplace of Luigi Pirandello: you can visit in fact the house of writer and theater dedicated to him. Agrigento, however, is best known for its magnificent Valley of the Temples, a dramatic testimony of the ancient Greeks, and declared World Heritage Site in 1997. In the surroundings also missed the Scala dei Turchi, charming alive cliff consists of a white clay outcrop with its characteristic shape with steps that are lost in the sea.


Favignana is the largest island of the Aegean archipelago, is ideal for families with white beaches like Cala d’Azur, but also magnificent rocky coast such as Cala Rossa and Cala Rotonda, special attention deserve Perciata Cave and the Grotta del Bue Marino .
The port of Favignana offers to the look the old canning fish, a former factory of historical Tonnara Florio, recently restored, now houses the Museum of the Sea.
Marettimo is the perfect destination for any type of tourist, both for those who love the sea, with the possibility of diving excursions, and for those who love walking and trekking or experience activities such as exploring caves or visit archaeological sites.
Levanzo: The island is lonely is a ‘haven for those who love the quiet and the silence; It is the smallest of the archipelago with a tiny village surrounded by a small marina.
And ‘it crossed by a single mule track that crosses the island from side to side, with rare branches that can reach lonely old huts of shepherds. And ‘famous for the Grotta del Genovese, with its rock carvings.